Marinaland - Antibes

Killer whale show

The largest tank in the world performing in 11,000,000 US gallons (42,000 m3) of water, with a panoramic glass wall 64 metres (210 ft) long. Marineland holds six orcas: Freya, Valentin, Inouk, Wikie, Moana and Keijo.

Dolphin show

Marineland’s family of bottlenose dolphins deploy all their charms: speed, accuracy, agility and complete trust in their trainers. The dolphins are Ecume (F), Lotty (F), Sharky (F), Malou (F), Éclair (M), Alize (M), Rocky (M), Dam (M), Neo (M), Mila-Tami (F), Nala (F), Ania (F), and Joseph (M).

Les Coulisses de l'apprentissage (sea lion show)

A live demonstration of the learning techniques used with all the mammals in the park, in which the seal and sea lion trainers disclose some of the "ropes" for preparing the show, the better to understand the basis of the relationship between humans and animals.

The shark tunnel

In a 30-metre (98 ft) tunnel through an aquarium containing nearly 2,000,000 litres (530,000 US gal) of water, visitors are surrounded by sharks and manta rays.

Polar bears

Marineland is one of few places in Europe where one can see polar bears. As of 2013, there are 2 of them: one male and one female.[1]

Life under the sea (The tropical aquarium gallery and The touch pool)

The tropical aquarium gallery shows the world of coral reefs, and the touch pool is a chance to touch skates and rays - fish that seem to "fly" in the water.


Beaches featuring California sea lions, South American sea lions, black seals and grey seals.

Aquatic birds

Beaches featuring penguinspelicans and flamingos.

Meeting with dolphins

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, to discover the biology and ecology of dolphins, before approaching the dolphins for 20 minutes under close supervision by trainers on a sunken deck.


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